Brief Program Description


The academic course work at the University of Salamanca for 2020 are four, six or eight week modules in July and August. Trimester and full academic year is also available.


The program is meant to provide students with an "immersion" of Spanish language and culture. An attempt will be made to strike a balance between academics and the sheer experience of absorbing a culture through being there. Every aspect of the program will expose students to different `faces' of Spanish culture, especially on the excursions to neighboring cities. Students are expected to speak Spanish at all times and to venture out and practice it in everyday situations. Generally speaking, the Spanish people are very friendly and are deeply flattered when international students make a real effort to learn their language and culture. You will get out of the program only as much as YOU put into it. Students are expected to maintain a serious attitude towards the academics of this program, even in the lighter aspects of the program, and to behave in way as befits an international student in a host country.


An official Transcript with certificates of achievement will be issued by the University of Salamanca upon successful completion of the language component. Students will enroll in the course Cursos de Lengua y Cultura Españolas (Spanish Language and Culture Course) which offers Spanish at the beginning, intermediate, advanced, and intensive levels. (Consult the course description section in this packet).


Students will receive their language instruction from language professors at the University of Salamanca. All of the instructors hold either Master's degrees or Ph.D's in language, coupled with ample experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The summer school program was founded in 1929, and since then has established a distinguished reputation. All students without exception will be tested upon arrival for language competency to ensure proper placement with students at their own level.


Dr. Alberto Ferreiro is the founder of the Centro Fray Luis de Leon and is also a Full Professor of European History at Seattle Pacific University.He will teach Iberian Cultures and Societies. Professor Ferreiro was born in Mexico, is a native speaker of Spanish, and was a Fulbright scholar in Spain in 1983-84 and took his Ph.D in Medieval History at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research specialty, in which he has published widely, is Medieval Iberian History. He is also a Visiting Professor/ Lecturer at the University of Salamanca and Founder-Director of the Centro Fray Luis de León. He will offer on site historical lectures on the excursions.


You are required to go on the excursions to Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, and Avila/Alba de Tormes, and Aveiro, Portugal are included in the program fee. The specific details for all of them will be made available upon arrival to Salamanca.


Within Salamanca, numerous cultural events are organized throughout the months of July and August. The International Courses--in cooperation with other civic institutions--organize an extensive program that includes theater, music, film series, flamenco, ballet, open air jazz concerts, and other performances that take place in the most beautiful areas of the city. University students can acquire passes at a special price for these activities, as well as for access to swimming pools at reduced prices. Do bring a bathing suit. You are required to attend two distinctly Spanish cultural events of your choice.


All students are required to participate in the Spanish Cooking Class that is included in the fee. 


You are required to attend all scheduled meetings before we leave for Spain and any that I convene in Salamanca. Those not from Seattle we will communicate by e-mail and phone.


We will be staying in a University Residency (dorm). The dorm is equipped with all modern amenities. Rooms have private bath, study desks and a cleaning crew thay will daily make your bed, mop, and dust. There are meeting rooms, study rooms, TV rooms, and wireless web connection. At extra cost there are also available single rooms. Students do not have to bring pillows, towels or any bedding.


Students are encouraged to check with their private insurance to know what the protocols are for reimbursements for medical bills incurred while abroad. The University of Salamanca includes in its tuition 24/7 comprehensive medical insurance. The coverage is ONLY for the duration of the academic program dates for July and August.  CMI insurance, however, will cover the dates from departure day through return date for either the 4, 6, or 8 week options. 


Visas are not required for U.S. citizens going to Spain for stays under 3 months. A VALID U.S. PASSPORT is, however. 


If you take prescription medicines, bring an official statement from your doctor to confirm this. Bring your medicines in their prescription packaging. Be sure you have enough medicine for the entire duration of your stay in Europe.


The month of July will be hot- rarely torrid- and dry throughout most of Spain. Even so, shorts should be of modest length. It is wise to wear cool, loose clothing; skirts or long shorts for women and cool trousers for men. In any case, do not over pack; it will save you untold hassles. What you pack you carry.


For additional costs such as laundry, cultural events, pool passbook, taxis, and the like, one should bring no less than $800 for the month. Since spending habits are so arbitrary, use your best judgment on spending money. Your costs after the program are not covered. You will have to spend at least two nights in Madrid prior to returning home. Also, Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted in Europe. American Express is NOT accepted in the majority of shops and restaurants.


The deadline for application is MARCH 1, with a $300.00 deposit made out to Centro Fray Luis de León. Also, be sure to observe the payment schedule as responsibly as possible. Delinquency in the payments creates for us enormous obstacles.

Application to the program does not mean automatic acceptance. You will be notified within a few days of receipt of the full application whether you are accepted into the program. The director reserves the right at anytime to withdraw a student from the program.


If you plan to do any traveling AFTER the program, it is up to you to make your own arrangements. I do not take any responsibility on these matters. Be advised to set your plans well in advance and stick to them to the letter, unless an emergency arises, but only then. Experience shows that travel changes overseas are an enormous hassle for all concerned. Our travel agent Sandy is ready to assist you, she may contacted at:


1. $300 deposit is due with the application. If not accepted into the program, the deposit will be returned in full. Applications are due March 1, 2020.
2. If WE cancel the trip for any reason, your money is also fully refundable minus $100.00 and any other unrecoverable payments that may have been made.
3. You must be PAID IN FULL by May 20, 2020.
4. If you are using FINANCIAL AID at your University make sure it is in order BEFORE you leave.
5. Anyone who withdraws from the program 60 days or more before departure will receive only 50% refund of all monies paid at the time of withdrawal and minus any unrecoverable payments.
6. Anyone who withdraws 60 days or less before departure will receive only 30% refund of all monies paid at the time of withdrawal and minus any unrecoverable payments.
7. Anyone who withdraws on or after the official starting date of June 30 will receive NO REFUND.
8. Anyone who withdraws will have to deal directly with the airline for possible reimbursement. The University of Salamanca and the Director-Organizer (Alberto Ferreiro) cannot be held responsible for any refund. The program does not provide this coverage.