Centro Fray Luis de León/University of Salamanca

Cursos Internacionales, 2018, July and August



  1. Spanish is offered at the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Intensive. At all levels it is taught at a more accelerated level and by Spanish faculty (total of 60, 90, or 120 hours)
  2. The History class will be taught by Dr. Alberto Ferreiro, who is a Visiting Professor at the University of Salamanca. Much of it is taught in situ on excursions (total of 50 hours)
  3. The Literature course will be taught in Spanish by Professor of the University of Salamanca. One may take this class instead of the History course. (total of 30 hours). Both classes may NOT be taken at the same time, however.

  4. All students will be enrolled in the ‘Conversation Outside the Classroom’ (total of 20, 30, or 40 hours)

  5. All students will be enrolled in the ‘Spanish Cooking Class’ (total of 6 hours per month)
  6. The regular courses are taught daily in three hours in the mornings. A placement test is required of everyone without exception. The level of placement will determine which class a student will take the third hour (see below)
  7. An official transcript will be issued by the University of Salamanca in English with a letter grade.
  8. In addition students will receive a certificate of achievement for their own keeping.
  9. Those that place at the Beginning Level will spend the first two hours working on basic Spanish grammar, and the third hour building vocabulary and learning basic communication skills.
  10. Those that place at the Intermediate, Advanced, or Intensive will spend the first two hours perfecting their grammar and written skills. For the third hour they may choose only one of the following options:
    • Global Communication Skills
    • Spanish Culture
    • History of Contemporary Spain
    • Business Spanish
    • Commentary and Analysis of Literary Texts
    • Translation into Spanish from: German, French, English, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese.
  11. After classes begin students have 3 days to change levels if it is needed. Dr. Ferreiro will help you make the change.  I strongly recommend that you challenge yourself.

   12, The Centro Fray Luis de Leon in a Washington State LLC. It is not part of Seattle Pacific University and its programs are not Seattle Pacific University programs.